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Strategy and Planning Sessions


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As we are part of a large group ourselves and through our years of working with business owners we have a wealth of experience running strategy and planning sessions. Your business may be going through significant change or you may need to look at how to grow your business. Typically in a one-day planning and strategy session you have time to look at three or four important areas. These are:

  • Vision: Where are we going?
  • Mission/purpose: Why do we exist? Who are the customers we serve?
  • Strategic Priorities: What do we need to focus on to achieve our Vision?
  • Action planning for the strategic priorities.

The One Page Plan and Outcomes

At the end of your planning and strategy session we will share with you our own One Page Plan template and will help you to develop your own.

Our strategy days will leave your team and business with a shared sense of purpose and identity and with clear goals for the future. On top of this we can assist with any financial modelling that your business may need.

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