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Revenue Investigations

Targeted by HMRC? Relax and let Seymour Taylor resolve things on your behalf…

HMRC is increasingly organised in its approach to compliance and enforcement. From targeting specific trades and professions through to increasing its analysis of data, no one is safe from HMRC’s gaze.

To protect our clients, we offer a Tax Investigations Insurance. The insurance covers the representation costs incurred when dealing with certain HMRC enquiries and ensures that if you are selected we will defend you and resolve the situation within the shortest possible timeframe.

HMRC are under intense pressure from both the government and MP’s of all parties to pursue all tax which is due under law.

  • HMRC generated a record £28.9bn during the last financial year from challenging accounts, tax returns and business records
  • Last year, in excess of 80,000 reports were made to the Tax Evasion Hotline
  • HMRC can now access all credit and debit card payments to find out the number and value of transactions completed by a specific trader
  • £3.5bn was generated during the financial year from HMRC pursuing the 45m people in the tax system who have an income below £150,000 and assets below £1m in the UK. £900m was secured from the UK’s 8,500 wealthiest individuals alone

We recommend that our clients subscribe to this service, as the cost of tax investigation protection is a fraction of the typical defence costs. Subscribe today for protection against potentially significant professional fees, and for peace of mind…

To see how we can help you with your Revenue Investigation, please email Carolyn Walker or call 01494 552 154.

If you require a service not listed here, would like a free consultation or a fixed quote or have any questions about what Seymour Taylor can offer you, please let us know and we can advise on next steps.

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