We specialise in residency and domicile issues and are well placed to help you understand some of the complex tax matters and opportunities that may arise as a result of being non-UK domiciled or changing your residency status.

Efficient pre-residence planning can substantially reduce the UK tax exposure of an individual coming or returning to the UK from the date of their arrival. Similarly, if you are leaving the UK we can help plan your departure and maximise the benefits of certain tax reliefs available.

If you need advice in relation to non-UK tax issues, we will happily put you in touch with one of our MGI associates to advise upon the tax position in other countries.

MGI Worldwide

Non-domiciled individuals may be eligible for certain beneficial tax treatments depending on the length of time they have been resident in the UK. The well publicised “Remittance Basis Charge”, introduced by the Finance Act 2008, imposes a levy to access the remittance basis and is:

  • up to £30,000 where an individual has been resident in the UK for 7 or more out of the last 9 tax years
  • up to £60,000 where an individual has been resident in the UK for 12 or more out of the last 14 tax years
  • if you have been resident in the UK for the preceding 20 years you are deemed to be UK-domiciled

If you are non-domiciled we can help advise you on the most advantageous basis of taxation and help to structure your affairs to maximise the financial benefits. Please email enquiries@stca.co.uk or call 01494 552100 for more information.

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