Statutory audits

The main reasons why a company or LLP will be required by law to have a statutory audit are:

  • The company is a PLC or a banking, insurance or finance company (or a subsidiary of one of these)
  • You are required by your profession or trade organisation to have your accounts audited
  • The company does not qualify as “small” under the Companies Act

Our comprehensive audit service meets the demands of compliance but our experts go the extra mile and will also recommend practical solutions and improvements to help your business run more efficiently and improve profitability.

Non-statutory audits

Despite the fact that audit exemption rules mean fewer businesses need to undergo a statutory annual audit, many small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) will also find there are times when an audit is required.

For example, independent evidence of the integrity of your accounts gives reassurance to your customers, suppliers, investors, banks, and other finance providers.

An audit can also act as a vital management tool for decision-making.

Our expert team will deliver an audit that allows your business to review its financial controls and management systems and we also provide an assurance service to audit-exempt companies.

For UK companies that are part of an international group, our membership of the MGI Worldwide alliance offers cost-effective access to over 160 overseas auditing firms, who liaise with us to provide effective and professional services for the whole client group.

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