At present, taxable benefits in kind and expenses provided to employees must be reported to HMRC on Forms P11D (for staff) and P11D(b) (for the employer) by 6 July following the end of the tax year.  As an example, for the current 2023/24 tax year, these are due for filing by 6 July 2024.

Currently for the employee, HMRC collect the tax due on the benefit in kind via the individuals’ PAYE coding notice and / or via their annual Self-Assessment Tax Return.  The employer is responsible for paying the relevant amount of Class 1A NIC to HMRC by 22 July following the end of the tax year (when paid electronically).

Examples of benefits in kind include:

  1. Company cars (and fuel)
  2. Company vans (and fuel)
  3. Private medical insurance
  4. Social functions and parties
  5. Club memberships / subscriptions
  6. Accommodation

Low interest or “interest free” loans from their employer

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