Jeremy Hunt unveiled a novel British Individual Savings Account (ISA) in his spring Budget statement that aims to invigorate investment in the United Kingdom.

What is the new British ISA?

The British ISA introduces an additional £5,000 tax-free allowance for investments in UK assets, supplementing the existing £20,000 limit.

This move seeks to benefit British savers and support promising UK businesses by providing them with essential capital for expansion.

Who will benefit?

This new scheme targets individuals who have already utilised their annual £20,000 tax-free ISA allowance.

It offers these savers the chance to invest further in the UK economy, potentially aiding in the growth of British enterprises.

Why is it being introduced?

The introduction of the British ISA responds to calls from over 200 City representatives for reforms to encourage more investments in UK assets.

It is part of broader efforts to revive the UK stock market, which has seen a decline in the number of companies listed in London and a reduction in new listings compared to international markets.

Government consultation

The Government has announced plans to consult on the specifics of the new ISA, indicating that further details and potential adjustments are on the horizon.

While the British ISA aims to support British businesses and savers, there has been a mixed reception from the financial community about its intended aims.

Nevertheless, this new tax-free saving scheme could help you to further enhance your savings and investments each year once it is eventually introduced.

To find out more about the current ISA system, including how you can make the most of your ISA allowance, please speak to us.

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