The Chancellor also unveiled a plan to bolster investment in UK firms with the introduction of a new ‘British ISA’, allowing individuals to invest an additional £5,000 annually in UK equities, beyond the existing ISA limits.

This initiative aims to foster a new generation of retail investors and position the UK as a global innovation hub akin to Silicon Valley.

Hunt also proposes changes to pension fund regulations, requiring disclosures of UK equity investments to promote domestic investment.

Furthermore, the Government will explore ways to simplify the process for individuals to transfer their pension funds when switching jobs.

This strategy includes compelling local authorities and defined contribution pension funds to reveal their investments in UK stocks, highlighting that currently, only four per cent of pension fund assets are invested in UK shares.

Initially outlined in the Advanced Manufacturing Plan in November 2023, the Government pledged to make the UK the premier global location for starting, expanding, and investing in a manufacturing business.

This commitment is being actualised, with the Budget detailing the next stages of implementing the £4.5 billion funding package for these sectors. This funding includes over £2 billion for the automotive industry and £975 million for aerospace, available for five years from 2025.

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