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Safety measures

We have already been warned that social distancing is likely to be around for some time. This is likely to be easier for some workplaces and roles than others. Given the time that it may take to make arrangements, planning now is likely to make reintegration to the workplace easier.

Within the workplace you may want to consider:

  • signage to make social distancing easier to maintain.
  • reconfigure your work space to meet social distancing requirements. This isn’t just separating desks a few inches but by metres and reviewing walkways.
  • one-way systems, up and down stairways, restricting the use of lifts to those working on higher floors or with restricted mobility and unless your lift is sizable only having one person in it at a time.
  • Provision of sanitisation points throughout the workplace.
  • Using the NHS App when up and running.
  • Installation of sneeze screens in both reception areas and offices
  • You may wish to consider more flexible working hours to enable employees to commute at less busy times.
  • Review cleaning arrangements of the workplace and look at the use of communal spaces such as cafeterias.
  • Provision of PPE.

Testing for infection or antibodies by the employer is an area which is likely to become of interest but one that is not risk-free. Do you have the contractual right to test employees and how are you going to retain the information whilst complying with GDPR.  These are things you can review before re-integrating your employees.