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Practical Employment Law Considerations For Returning to Work Managing employee numbers

Large volumes of employees returning to a shared workplace (especially if public transport is used) represents a huge risk for the spreading and contracting of Coronavirus so the phased return approach has been introduced.  Only those whose roles require them to be in the office/workplace will return first, with others who can remote work being asked to continue to do so. 

Deciding which employees are essential to restarting workplace activities is likely to be difficult.  Some employees may be very keen to return, and others less so possibly because of the ongoing risk of Coronavirus and the preference for home working generally.

This is the time to consider your company’s plan as each business will be different. It has been suggested that you could consider staggering the introduction of employees to the office by splitting teams across functional lines who attend the office at different times. Working from home is likely to continue for some time to come and may become a permanent feature.