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The Benefits of Cloud Accounting Through COVID-19 and Beyond

We are currently living in unprecedented times with many businesses unable to operate effectively or at all, with officials stating that lockdowns in some form could potentially be in place for many months to come, businesses will need to find new ways to ensure their survival.  Remote working will continue for some time and may even become the new norm for some companies. 

In uncertain times, those in charge of businesses need clarity.  A crucial element in achieving this is having all of your accounting records accessible and up to date. Cloud accounting software packages can be maintained remotely, allowing you to continue accessing your data, reviewing your accounts and cash flow, analysing your costs and overdue debtors and continuing to carry out credit control.  Our clients are provided with the appropriate technology to assist them as part of our standard package, with no separate monthly fees for the usage and therefore our experienced team at Seymour Taylor could be assisting with the completion of these tasks for you, leaving you to focus on other areas of your business in these challenging times.  We can also assist you with developing cash flow projections for the coming weeks and months, highlighting areas where the business could save money or pinch points where your budgeting decisions should focus. 

Stability is imperative for employers and employees alike.  Being able to continue with tasks helps to achieve this and the use of cloud accounting software will eliminate any concerns in the future about accessibility to your data and delays in obtaining vital information to aid your decision making.  With traditional desktop based software, this continuity is not always an option.  While we are in lockdown and your accounting software is within an inaccessible office, your financial records will be significantly out of date by the time you return and the inability to assess the current financial position may cause additional worries. This is the time to take the long view and accelerate the move to the digital workspace within the accounting function in your business to enable you to respond, recover and thrive in the future.

At Seymour Taylor our Outsourced Accounting Services team are highly competent in working with all major accounting software packages, including Xero, Sage and Quickbooks.  We can remotely set up your business on these software packages and we can also provide training to multiple staff members using video conferencing applications with ongoing support where needed. We also use AutoEntry, a data capture software which uploads straight from receipts and invoices to the accounting software which will save you time in the future, by simply taking a photo of your document/receipt and uploading into an app or email. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you on 01494 552100 or e-mail .