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CSR – Can Employees Make a Difference

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is more than just giving to good causes today it is a huge part of what attracts an employee to a business.Earlier in 2018 we took part as founding members in a CSR accreditation programme. As a firm we have been active in this area for many years but the accreditation programme was a great way for us to look at what we are doing currently and how we continue to build on what we do for the future.


We were proud to be awarded a silver accreditation for our CSR achievements which included areas such as our charity involvement and support of local sports clubs right through to our recycling and employee benefits to ensure that they get the support and development they need.

Employees can actively encourage employers to get involved. Companies who have a strong CSR programme can be more appealing to potential jobseekers a key element for any business when looking at recruitment and what they need to do to attract new staff.

Developing a CSR Programme

A defined CSR programme means that a company is actively involved not only in the community in which they are based but also looking at ways they can make a difference to sustainability overall. An annual CSR review and programme gives firms the chance to monitor what they are doing and ways to progress. Companies such as can help you to look at your CSR programme and what is possible for your business to achieve.

Boosting Employee Morale

CSR can boost employee motivation for example a team building day with a local charity is a great way to get involved and support them whilst your team feel they can make a difference too. A great charity to work with is the Chiltern Rangers a social enterprise who work with local communities to provide practical habitat management of the woodlands, chalk grasslands, commons, ponds and chalk streams in the Chiltern’s area. They run Be a Ranger days which are great fun and give employees a sense of achievement doing something worthwhile for nature in the local community or Lindengate a Buckinghamshire Mental health Charity that offers specialised gardening activities to help those with mental health needs in their recovery

Making a Difference

Most employees really enjoy be given the chance to do something different and to get the chance to work with these good causes something they may struggle to find time for outside of work. As a business you can even ask your employees to vote on who they want to support each year and to choose who to get behind.

CSR can also help your business to build strong local connections not only through supporting charities but also the suppliers you use or the businesses you may support locally. Sometimes in today’s world it’s hard to feel that you can make a difference but CSR is a great way for businesses to evaluate what they do currently and how they can do things differently in the future. Every small change can make a difference and you can get your whole team involved. Working together in this area your employees can be proud of the firm they work for and undoubtedly they will tell others spreading your brand message….. after all who doesn’t want to be proud of who they work for!