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3 Great Reasons to Outsource your Payroll to Us

Businesses today are always looking at ways to make the most efficient use of their time. Payroll can be a time consuming and complex function to manage. With such competitive rates for outsourcing this area we give you the 3 main reasons why you should consider outsourcing your payroll to us.

  1. It helps you stay on top of legislation

    In a smaller business the payroll is often processed by a director or business owner, giving them less time to spend on developing their business! Current legislation and regulations surrounding employment, pensions and taxes change every year. A payroll specialist can manage all of this for you taking away the risk of missing a new piece of legislation.

  2. Payroll can be complex as a business grows

    The more employees you have the more complex your payroll can become. You will need to manage areas such as: statutory absences, Maternity, Adoption or Sick Leave, and Shared Parental Leave. Not to mention Pension Duties in the form of Automatic Enrolment, the potential for part time and zero-hour employees, and Attachment of Earnings orders, Student and Post-Graduate Loan deductions, Child Maintenance, and so on. By outsourcing it you can also help maintain confidentiality by the payroll being processed off-site. Additionally the employer won’t need to be concerned about holiday or sickness absence affecting payroll processing.

  3. It’s a Cost Effective Area to Outsource

    Payroll services start from as little as £50 + VAT

    They can be flexible and ran weekly, fortnightly, monthly or quarterly to suit your business needs.

    Larger businesses will often have their own HR department, but it can still make sense for them to outsource the payroll function. Why employ an in-house payroll operative or department when you can outsource the service for a fraction of the cost?

    A payroll provider may also be able to offer facilities such as BACS payments, electronic payslips and P60s, and perhaps additional services such as payrolling of Benefits In Kind and preparation of P11Ds.

    Our payroll services at Seymour Taylor can provide the following areas;

    • Clear, easy-to-understand electronic payslips for the staff
    • A wide range of payroll reports and departmental analysis
    • Assistance with auto enrolment compliance
    • Calculation of Student and Post-Graduate Loan deductions
    • Dealing with CSA and other Deductions from Earnings orders
    • Preparation and submission of all required returns to HM Revenue and Customs
    • Electronic End of Year P60 certificates
    • Preparation of P45s for leavers, delivered electronically
    • Other facilities available include BACS payments of salaries and HMRC liability, bespoke reports and P11D Returns of expenses and benefits, payrolling of Benefits In Kind.

For a free no obligations quote on how we can make this process easier for you, please call us today on 01494 552100 or contact us