Jill Watkins

Executive Assistant


Ensuring the smooth running of all the client communications that happen within the Seymour Taylor office.

Describe what you do at Seymour Taylor

I am the Executive Assistant to the 2 Joint Managing Directors and 2 Executive Directors and am responsible for the day to day administration and operational side of the business, ensuring the continuity and consistency of the flow of communication between our team and our clients. I also organise the teams’ training courses both externally and online.

Why Seymour Taylor

As a business we have great values (expertise, support and understanding) and these are brought to life not only in the excellent service we provide to our clients, but also in how we operate as a team working together.

My Experience

My working life has spanned many industries, from banking to kennel management. I’ve also been fortunate enough to work as a Personal Assistant in South Korea and Qatar and resided in South Africa.

My interests in life 

I absolutely adore pet sitting historic customers’ and friends’ dogs and cats whilst they are on holiday. I love impromptu weekends away, both abroad and in the UK. But the thing I like doing the most is spending time with friends finding new restaurants and bars to try out.